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Essential Sax Sound

“Anybody got on stage, anybody played. Nobody could play and nobody could sing.” - Lora Logic interview for Rolling Stone, July 1980

“X-Ray Spex was my first band, I happened to be accepted, It happened to work, I happened to get famous overnight. I’d been playing sax in a cupboard in my room; I thought I better do something.”

Lora Logic (British vocalist, songwriter & saxophonist) grew up in Wembley, North
London in a house where dad was always playing jazz saxophonists like John
Coltrane and Charlie Parker. Dad gives her a tenor sax at the age of 13 which she can’t put down. At age 15 she sees an ad in ‘Melody Maker’: ‘Looking for young


Lora thinks this will be a good alternative to school, and joins Poly
Styrene in the original 1976 X-Ray Spex lineup. The dynamic duo achieve speedy notoriety with the release of the magnificent ‘ Oh Bondage Up Yours’ and ‘Live at the Roxy’ album.

“Some people say that little girls should be seen and not heard,
but I say Oh Bondage Up Yours!” -Poly Styrene

‘The steamrolling sax parodied anyone’s expectations. Lora Logic
kicked off her solo as if she were kicking down a door, which was
exactly what she was doing. An irreducible desire to change the
world.’ -All Music Guide To Rock

Lora Logic: Bio
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